American maid Soccer Moms Bringing Quality back to housecleaning!

We are not your typical “house cleaner.” We know all to well the industry run house cleaner that has lowered your expectation from quality house cleaning to…………..Yahhh…She showed up!

Not here!………We ARE house cleaners! – We are the Mothers in the Homes with the bright clean baseboards, perfectly dusted  furniture and mandatory squeegees hanging in every sparkling shower stall.
For us Soccer Moms, cleaning house is not just what we do..…it’s who We ARE!

All Counter-space/shelving/cabinetry
Under movable items
Clean decor
Condition wood
Flat screen care
Polish Granite/Marble – All Stone Counters
Vacuum Under furniture/cushions/beds
Pet hair Removal
Make Beds/Light Laundry
Windows/Slider: Seals, Tracks, Casings & Blinds
Steam Bathrooms/Kitchens

Steam is the highest level of clean!
Steam vapor is ideal for the hard surfaces in your kitchens and bathrooms where lime scale, calcium,  mildew, mold,  and years of build up are trapped, locked in the dingy dull surfaces of your home.
Steam actually  opens up the pores of hard surfaces , penetrating, sanitizing and disinfecting. Literally wiping off years of dulling odorous wear  – for Bright sparkling clean surfaces that look almost new again ! And smell new again!  Once you’ve experienced steam,  you’ve experienced clean!

Kills Bacteria, Germs, mold, dust mites and fungus
Great for Allergies!
Whitens Grout
Squeaky Clean Greasy Cupboards
De-greases greasy  Hood Range
Great for Shower Doors & Tracks
Great For Windows

We are surprisingly affordable and there is no obligation!